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Sponsored Review: Herbal-Basic TCM Clinic

I am sorry my updates have been delayed recently.

 Here's a review on a very special TCM clinic, its not just any normal TCM clinic you see everywhere else. This clinic has got some really special treatments and the only one in Singapore that has them!

 Andres was really lucky to be able to get invited to try out some of their treatment. Well, we do have to thank Nicole, from Street Directory for the offer though. I rejected a event because Andres caught a flu. Therefore, this review came in just at the right time!

When we entered the clinic we got a shock! There was quite a number of parents and kids in the clinic. It actually made hubby and I felt relief and the trust was already built even when we have not met the staffs! Its natural, when you see that so many parents bring their kids to the clinic, it must have meant that the services and treatments must be of authenticity and works. Maybe not to all, but at least I really did felt it that way.

Well, let's move on!

There were some glass panels displaying some of the items to purchase.
Most of them were so special and I bet you would not have heard it before.

They have this anti-diarrhea cream and fever massage water, all for kids. Its so amazing. I forgot to ask for some for safekeeping!

Snap this down, for Nasal Allergies or Cough, do try to avoid letting your kids take them!

Well, we first have to diagnose Andres' problem before they can prescribe any kind of treatments that is suitable for him!

Both Mommy and Daddy has sinus, and for me, its a serious one where I did my first surgery back when I was only 4 years old!

Therefore, its no doubt Andres has inherit our genes.
And it is confirmed he do have an allergy.

Thus the treatment that Andres was going to was the TCM Pediatric Massage and Nose Spa (One and only in Singapore!!)

There was many rooms there so we were brought to the massage room first to have his massage before he goes for the Nose Spa Therapy.

TCM Pediatric Massage is a unique therapy for children, derived from Traditional Chinese Medical studies. It is a time-tested therapy proven to be effective to strengthen children’s immune system, improve their health conditions, and promote body & brain development. 

The therapy is most effective for children from birth to 7 years old; with a general rule of the younger the age, the better the treatment effect. It can be applied on a wide range of childhood ailments, such as colds, fever, cough, colic, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, indigestion, poor appetite, ADHD, among others. 

TCM Pediatric Massage is a non-invasive Natural Therapy which is safe, suitable and easily acceptable by children. Actual results had shown that children who received the therapy since early infant stage will in general grow STRONGER, HEALTHIER & SMARTER!

When we said that Andres likes Mickey Mouse, they kindly offered to look through their cds and indeed! They played it right away for Andres. Papa has to hold onto him as he is still young and not really stable.
The massage took only around 15-30 minutes, I was so busy distracting Andres and chatting with the staffs that I forgot. Oops :x

After which we were brought to another room. The Nose Spa Therapy room!
The room smells like lotsa of different Herbs together in one.

NoseSpa™ is a unique treatment for Rhinitis, researched & developed by Herbal-Basic Healthcare Group since 2003. It is a non-invasive therapy ideally designed for the use of natural herbs to guard against upper respiratory diseases such as Rhinitis and Sinusitis, by means of herbal inhalation. 

Being an external natural therapy, NoseSpa™ is ‘Suitable’ and ‘Safe’ to be applied on patients from young children to elderly adults.

I had my part where I took over Papa and carried Andres to face the herbal mist!
And.... I actually sneezed and felt it myself! It is said that while inhaling the herbal mist or after a while of sniffing it, its natural that mucous starts to flow out.. its like.. removing the bacteria first.

Andres and I both had our nose runny for a while!
True that!

Andres took the formula 1 as it was his first time and they said that formula 1 was to cleanse first.
    • Cleanse nasal cavities
    • Eliminate bacterial & germs
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Detox & Clear blocked nose

They do have many other treatments and one popular one is the Biolight Cough Therapy!

Bio-Light Cough Therapy is a unique healthcare innovation developed by Herbal-Basic, designed to relief cough for children through external therapy, without the need for oral medications. 

The therapy consists of three simple steps:
1. Cough Massage Our professional therapist will first massage the chest and back of the child using Herbal-Basic’s proprietary-formulated herbal essential ointment.
2. Application of Medicated Cream A layer of the proprietary anti-cough medicated cream will be applied on the chest of the child after the massage.
3. Photo Dynamic Therapy The child will then lie down on the bed and let the PDT Bio-Light shine on the chest, to optimize the penetration of the ointment and cream into the child’s body.

For more details, please do visit:

727 Havelock Road, (S)169648 Tel : 6376 2345

Thank you Herbal Basic and Street Directory for this wonderful experience!
Now we all know where to bring our lovely kids to!
Sometimes, you don't need medication to heal!


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