Friday, March 4

PaddyKing Rice

PaddyKing Brand

The PaddyKing range of rice products is available at all leading supermarkets such as Shop and Save, Cold Storage, Giant, Sheng Siong and also provision outlets.

Was really exciting to work with Edmund Chen!
He is really a veteran in this industry and I must say I really salute his professionalism!
 He is really humble and really fun to work with!

Kimberley is also really fun to work together with! Every time I know I am going to work together with her, this spells fun! and zero awkwardness!

Thank you PaddyKing and I-app for this wonderful experience.

PaddyKing Jasmine Rice 

PaddyKing Jasmine Riceis grown in the North-Eastern region of Thailand where it has the specific geographical and climatic conditions that is required to cultivate rice of the highest quality. A long grain rice variety, it has long and slender kernel with a slightly pointed tip at one end. The rice stay more separate and fluffy when cooked and it gives off a jasmine scented aroma. Together with its smooth and tender texture, PaddyKing Jasmine Rice is simply delicious enough to even eat it plain.

"Don't snatch my rice Edmund!"

PaddyKing Calrose Rice 

PaddyKing Calrose Rice is a medium grain rice variety grown in the lush paddy fields of California, USA. It has a shorter, wider kernel and the cooked grains are moist, tender, and have a greater tendency to cling together than long grain rice. Using traditional farming principles combined with modern technology, every grain of the PaddyKing Calrose Rice produced is of the highest quality and taste. It is ideal for most everyday dishes as well as international cusines like Japanese Sushi, Italian Risotto or Amercian's favourite Casseroles.

Wishing one another a very Happy Lunar Chinese New Year!

(What I am holding is the paddyking brown rice. I always loveddddd brown rice and actually used to eating them because brown rice is what we often eat at my parent's place!)

PaddyKing Brown Rice is also a premium Thai Hom Mali variety except that the grains are unpolished or unmilled. Only the outermost layer, the hull of the kernel is removed leaving all the natural goodness intact at the bran layer. Therefore, this kind of healthy grains has higher nutritional values, providing a richer choice of vitamins ( especially from the Vitamin B group ), dietary minerals (sodium, calcium, magnesium) and fibre as compared to white rice.

We really cooked the paddyking rice during our photoshoot that day. I tried it and I must say I am impressed by the quality and fragrant of the rice! This is going to be added into one of my grocery list!

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Tuesday, February 23

Yomeishu & Me

Here is some facts about Yomeishu.
It is also interesting to me as I gather some information about Yomeishu. Before I knew more about Yomeishu, I seriously thought that it is only suitable for women who are doing their confinement! But hey, it's not! Read on!


A traditional herbal liqueur which was born and raised in Japan

Yomeishu was first produced over 400 years ago in 1602 in Ina Valley, Shinshu, by founder Sokan Shiozawa out of a desire for a healthier lifestyle, and continues to be manufactured to this day.

Raw picture of me and Edmund during the photoshoot! It was really a joy to work together with him!

Yomeishu can support your well-being

Do you suffer from these symptoms?
Easily fatigue, Exhausted and poor quality of sleep, Chills on hands and feet, Stiff shoulders or Weak digestive system

Many of these symptoms are due to the stress of daily life, aging or poor blood circulation

Super engrossed when Edmund was 'educating' us about Yomeishu.

Why choose Yomeishu?

Medicated wines are useful in addressing some mild symptoms that do not require a doctor.
Yomeishu may just be what you need to help restore your well-being.

I have also worked with Kimberley from for a few times now, it is really fun to work with the both of them!


Adult: Take one cup each time (20ml).
One-Three times daily before meals and/or at bedtime.
Dosage can be slightly increased or decreased depending on the body condition.
Over dosage should be avoided.
Always cap the bottle tightly and avoid direct sunlight

Distributed by Letat Agencies Pte. Ltd.
(+65) 6220 0333

    Thank you Yomeishu, Lester, Alan, Edmund, I-app and everyone else involved during the photo shoot for this wonderful experience!

    Now, speaking of which, my bottle is almost emptied.
    Time to get a new one!


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