Sunday, November 10

Andres' porridge X New flavoured!

Today I didnt know what to cook anymore. So i dump in whatever I think will taste good and is beneficial to my Andres baby. 

The following is my way of cooking for Andres, I know some parents might not agree with some ingredients or seasoning. But I feed Andres almost anything except acidic or spicy/bitter food.. and to date, everything's been well and awesome. We love seeing how he explore different food including icecream too. Of course we feed with limit. A few tiny mouth for fun and that's enough for the tiny man. 

Just to share (:

Lotsa ingredients for Andres' porridge today. Carrots, potatoes, yacon roots, fuzzy guord, tomatoes, wolfberries, red dates, minced meat, vegetable. 

I steam the finely chopped carrots and potatoes first then add into the porridge.

Chunks of carrots, yacon roots and a handful of wolfberries and red dates all for flavouring.

Follow by finely chopped fuzzy guord and any green leaf vegetable and tomatoes.

Lastly i further minced the pork myself, marinate with a dash of light soy sauce, sesame oil.

The porridge turns out so sweet! Cant wait for Andres to wake up from his nap!

Gonna go prepare his steam fish now for later night when I am out for Alicia"s big day later on!


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