Saturday, June 15

13th June

And so, the husband bathed the son, so when i woke up around 11pm, all I did was to take over and bid goodbye so he could go to work.

Andres have over a thousand pictures and now im really feeling stressed out because I don't know how to filter and categories them anymore...

Oh no.. mommy, no more pictures.. just carry me PLEASE.. ):

5more days to him being a 6 month old, his first poop in the toilet bowl, nothing came out though.
updated: today at 14 june, he did his first poop in the toilet bowl, mum and i was so excited, she couldn't help praising him for being a smart boy. really?! lol.

Tadah, er, he gets stuck in bumbo chair already. seriously?
Why the genes from mommy. big fat juicy thigh... sigh...

Time for bed now, got to run a nail event tml with lovely Trina who intro-ed me the job offer.


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