Sunday, January 6

We were in the hospital.

While in the hospital, to think i gave birth to my baby for 2 days and I have not seen him yet.
That was because he was warded into NICU and I was bounded on bed due to my c-section wound.
The third or fourth day i remembered, then hubby wheelchair me over to see our precious son.

Everything in hospital was quite dreamy to me, especially the first 1-3 days.
That was probaby because I was on full general anesthesia and put on drip thereafter.
Hubby said the first 1-2 days i have droopy fish eyes and cant open. Lol

Then slowly I received many hampers from all my dear friends and relatives and also hubby's friends!
Thankful Grateful Wonderful! Haha awesome right.
The nurses at hospital was wow-ed by my bed and kept asking us to bring some home so that we won't have to carry so much at the last day.

From the lovely girls. Can't thank enough.

my little handsome in NICU. poor little bubble. my heart aches upon seeing him.

From my dearest jie&jiefu, jess and sam.
They have given so much, from maternity clothes to baby clothes to bed to rocker to tonics to breast pumps to stretch marks oils to so many i cant even remember all. That's the amount of stuff they passed down to me.
Though passed down, I am more then ever grateful for these wonderful stuffs.
Thank you for your love and kindness.

lovelove qianyi gotten this for me from Japan. It was then shared in the hospital w my family and all was gone in minutes. haha Yummy!

From the hubby's friends. Thank you so much so much!!

Craving for chocolates much and darling pris got em for me. yay.

From cindy, always like a godmother loving me like her daughter, yuxian and alex, my dear brothers.

from darling emeline! so nice and sweet of her, she sent them down specially to my house, and i was asleep somemore, so she just drop them off.. Thank you!!

My boy sleeps like daddy!

When his eyes was bruised from the forceps and then he still had puffy eyes, i dont know why but i think he's so cute. haha! what a bad mother ;x

tonics, angbao for both me and the baby.
uncle lim and aunty sally really very nice to our family!
Thank you!

So much more, will update veryyyy soon!


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