Sunday, November 11

Random day while on bedrest.

Yea, been put on bed rest from day of discharged..
Which means I have to stay home and lay on the bed for as long as I can and try not to walk around so much, exert strength or sit for too long too. Basically, rest.

Been on Ventolin, a kind of medicine which i googled about it..
I think it somehow prevents preterm labour.. prevents contractions..

Gotten more pills from the doctor this afternoon as he would be away for a week.
God bless. Pray nothing happens this week and that everything will be fine till im due January..

Third trimester makes me feel like i am finally in a real pregnancy. But hell, it's a disaster..
My first and second trimester went on quite smoothly and even hubby says that my baby dotes on me a lot because he didn't give me much problems.. i didn't puke or gain weight like crazy nor get crazy stretchmarks (there are some though..)... but am already happy and glad that pregnancy didn't change me as much as i expect it would be.

Baby kicks and hiccups or i would say, his every little movement is very sensitive to me now.
A little roll here and there and I could feel him. Sometimes its just so amazing. Sometimes its just so annoying, cause i can't sleep or rest well, especially the bladder part.

Here, the fortunate little bubble of ours already has so many clothes passed down from Jess.
That's a whole lot ya! I heard there's more to come! lol.. lucky us, lotsa things don't have to buy.. so thankful

Here, randomly. We gotten a slip from mediacorp wanting to use our house for a drama.
But dad and mom refuse because the house would be in a mess. haha!

See. got goodies also.
Jess baked them and sent them over.
Nutella Brownie. Yums. Gooey gooey kind, i love.

Chats with husband.. haha im always smitten over my husband. idk why.
isit cos we are newly weds? no, i doubt so. 

Husband is not with me tonight.. well most of the nights actually cause im staying at my paternal's side now mainly also because my family can take care of me and i won't be bored from the bed rest. and hubby has to juggle between work and family.

I think im slowly used to being more independent at home without the husband like hoaxing myself to sleep alone with lotsa bolster, haha! But at times i still flustered a lot when the husband is not with me. That's why before we bid goodbye to seeing one another tomorrow, he mentioned that he will be here tomorrow afternoon to see his little princess wifey.

Okay, baby kicking me to go to bed.
I need to sleep too actually. Very exhausted and tired from the medication as well.

Looking forward to a wonderful Sunday.


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