Friday, August 22

Cindy X Birthday 2014 Part 1

well, its been some time. Apologies. My lappy sorta crashed on me. Cant seem to type well with it my cursor kept moving away. Think it caught a virus or smth.. tsk..

Finally found a way to update thru my phone. If you have been following me in my IG or fb, you would have alr seen these pictures. Still, I would love to update them in my blog. Really thankful for the lovely ladies who made sucha effort to ALWAYS give me a wonderful birthday. Its true, sometimes I think my friends treat me like a princess so much that I really do feel guilty... like.. Really so grateful.

Really very tired now and I will try to update more often. Stay tune! I have this photobook album sponsored by a really awesome n generous company. Will blog soon. Think I need a new lappy soon.. yes hubby?? please?? Haha.. well, Im sure my hubby will ignore my request. bleh.

good night everyone. and.. really before I sleep I thank god for everything I have today. I really am so lucky.


Tuesday, July 8

FOOD REVIEW: Hai Yan BBQ Seafood

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Guess where am I heading to?

Organised a food tasting review for a group of lovely bloggers to dine at Newton Food Centre.
Are you always curious where to eat because there is too much of the same stalls there?!
Or afraid of getting "chopped" with crazy prices if you order seafood?!

Fret not, now we know where to go to.

We were invited by Kelvin and Esther to do a review on their awesome food.
Having seen the frontage of their stall, there are quite a lot of TV shows which filmed them before...
Anyway it was not my first time having to eat there, I knew I am definitely going to enjoy my dinner.

What a timing to be blogging about these right now, I am so hungry...

Okay, before we start on any dish, here, this is their Home-Made Balachan and Chinchalok. I LOVE IT SO MUCH VERY MUCH REALLY VERY VERY MUCH! Especially the Chinchalok!

Baby Kailan $6/8/12
This is actually one of our favourite dish during dinner as many of us were surprised that the veggies were crisp and fresh, nicely cooked. The sauce and shallots just added on to make it so yummy. Sedap!

If you come to Newton, you must have Stingray.
It is not a complete meal if you don't.
We request for half with Sambal and half without. Trust me, I love them both ways. The unique flavours of the bbq stingray without sambal is so fragrant and even with their sambal sauce, it is good too.
It is just 2 different flavours, both so good and I couldn't decide, I requested for both.
Good if you are dining with people who don't take chilli well. Especially kids.

BBQ Sambal Stingray $12/15/20

Salted Egg Chicken $15/20/25
1st dish emptied so hurriedly on my table. It was so good we even tried scraping the sauce away to top our rice.

I am never a fan of sotong. Just never had a thing for it. But I had quite a lot of this on that day. The squid was so tender and bouncy. Yumyum!!!

Sambal Sotong $12/15/20

Pardon my gross hair. I was too excited to show you guys how big the prawns were!

This was added in the menu for us when we already had 6 dishes, the kind boss wanted us to try it.
Thumbs up. A few of us were crazily trying to dig for more garlic even when the prawns were already gobbled up.

One thing, the prawns are so fresh because they were not those mushy texture and definitely not shell-sticking. Just that I had so much difficulty removing them "prettily" because they were so bouncy and tight, I had to make sure the yummy garlic don't fly off!

Grilled Garlic Tiger Prawns $8/100g

Ahaha I think I am going to say it is our favourite again. We were just shy to order 1 more.
No caption needed.

Sambal Lala $12/15/20

Black Pepper Crab $5/100g
I would say the black pepper is not that overwhelming, just nice if you are having a heavy dinner with 7 dishes just like us. I really love how they put in the effort to make their dishes look presentable.

I like people who cook with their heart.
You can feel it.

Thank you for the great meal Hai Yan BBQ Seafood!

Blur pic but only pic I taken, I feel so bad. Because it's as though I was too engrossed in the yummies I forgot to snap with the pretty ladies around me.
From left: Amanda, Emeline and ME!

We sure had an awesome time. It was so lovely that evening.

The boss and his sweet family.

And the many beautiful ladies trying to get a picture of them.

So much thanks to the ladies who join us in our food tasting review.
Hope to see you girls soon!

Anyway, I am sure you guys will like the food there as much as we do.

Now, don't get lost when you are there..
Hai Yan BBQ Seafood
Newton Food Centre

Call: 9452 6293

It is very easy to find, just facing the car park, before you walk into Newton Food Centre, you can see them on your right.